The thirteenth (and last) contest has just been won by Steven Stuart, and I'm still working on his request.

The winner of the first contest was Alex Martin, who correctly stated that both Sheeri and Z-man possess robotic posteriors. He wanted a picture of the 1/0 cast dressed up as the cast of Full Metal Jacket.

The winner of the second contest was ia-en ihrno, who knew that there was the ghost of a character named Manny in Alice. He wanted a picture of Max weaving something.

Colin Langton won the third contest by knowing that Moosh was an Earthtopus. He requested a picture of Max holding both a two-handed sword and a shield.

Doug Yount won the fourth contest because he knew that Zay brought whores to the Sandwich World staff meeting. He requested a picture of the 1/0 cast dressed up as the cast of The Matrix.

Jeff Wikstrom guessed that the black kid in the fourth panel of this episode of Fanboy Otaku Gamer's Club was Ian J, creator of RPG World and a self-titled comic. He got an animated GIF of Max chasing Andy (depending on your software, you may want to view the smaller version).

Jeff also won the sixth contest by knowing that Mitch said "slegging" after having his face painted. He got this movie poster based on the Royal Tenenbaums.

Alex won the seventh contest by knowing that Topato Potato is Sheriff Pony's sidekick (of course), and for some reason, he wanted a movie poster for Reservoir Dogs...

Jeff also won the eighth contest by knowing that an Alanis Morisette CD is unaffected by a sincerity machine. He requested the first non-1/0 reward-- a picture of Colonel Ananda Cross, his Star Wars RPG character.

The ninth contest was won by Evan Moreno-Davis, who knew that both Arius and Esyla used the same pun, and he asked for a shot of Junior, Petitus and Terra.

Evan also won the tenth contest by knowing that The Tongue's surname was "Phelps". As a result, he got a picture of how Junior would have looked, had he chosen to go through with this offer.

Matthew Brabbin won the eleventh contest by knowing that Razor is employed by a hippo named Jim. He asked for this picture of Dr. Daeus Makineri (of Unicorn Jelly).

Anthony won the twelfth contest because he knew that Fluffy's daughter's registration number was 1139. He asked for a picture of Junior's story about Trixie.