Fan Stuff
Stuff I've been given.

First of all, an award, from Damonk....
Framed Award

A Junior Picture ,
a Clay Cast Picture ,
and a Takeover Strip ,
and several banners (1, 2, 3)
and a claymation piece by Skangl

(Skangl has also written a story about the death of Marcus. It's non-canonical, of course, but nice.)

A Cast Picture by Lady Kam

A Retro Picture of Zadok by Myrythwyrth

A Suitable Punishment for Junior
and a Cast Picture by Stephen Hooley

A Takeover Strip by Big J (2)

A Junior Picture
and a Takeover Strip by Tirdun

A Junior Picture by Ned Randersoff

A Movie Poster by Boolean

A Marcus Picture by Raptorianx

A Max Memorial Picture,
a Clay Cast Picture,
a picture of Junior in a mech,
a Picture of Zadok and Terra playing Dance Dance Revolution,
a Picture of Zadok dodging bullets, Neo-style,
a picture of Marcus,
a picture of the golems playing,
a picture of his friends as my cast members,
and a a picture of Zadok and Ghanny fighting by Anthony Richardson.

Anthony also requested this of me, and put it on some T-shirts. You can email him if you want one.

A Hallowe'en Picture by Uncaine

A shot of my gecko avatar with the 1/0 cast by the inestimable Miss Mab.

A 1/0 logo made up of my characters by Sally Catlin.

Some decidedly evil-looking (but well-rendered) pictures of Junior, Marcus, Max (smaller version), Terra and myself from Tom Martin, authour of the underappreciated Sandwich World.

Another banner by Mike "Trey" Hendry.

And an animated banner by Algorithm.

A takeover strip by Ameria-Chan.

A picture of a very evil Junior (sketch and coloured) by Bobby Frye.

A Biff! / 1/0 crossover by Baxil the Dragon.

A cast picture by Cedric Henry.

A somewhat Warholian picture(s?) of Junior by Trinity Reeves.

Three (1, 2, 3) rather large pictures of Junior by Jerod C. Batte.

A piece of fanfic by Jane Seeber.

A picture of Junior and of Petitus by Grace Palmer.

A picture of Petitus as seen in this strip, by Ryan McAndrews.

And finally, a picture of Ghanny as Inghanuel Kant, by Allethaen.